Private clients
Global reach and seamless execution
We offer a complete multi-asset execution service, providing speedy, accurate, and efficient trading solutions in the markets across the globe.
Our flexible solutions are underpinned by state-of-the-art infrastructure, customized reporting, and strong client relationships. Leveraging our robust infrastructure and established network of international trading partners, we provide access to a broad range of instruments.

Our execution services
We provide advanced, independent execution services and access to all major stock markets, including NYSE, LSE, Euronext, and others.
Access to primary and secondary markets worldwide
Interbank FX rates, and execution of both market and limit orders
Newly issued, illiquid, and high-yield opportunities in global bond markets
Voice or electronic trading available
Flexibility of submitting orders directly with the Trading desk
Seamless settlement for both DVP and custody trading

Comprehensive asset classes coverage
Our network of trade partnerships stretches across over 200 counterparties in 120 markets.
Money market instruments
Fixed income
Mutual funds / Hedge funds

Why choose us?
We assist and support our clients to develop their business fast and successfully
Our agile solutions offer access to emerging markets and niche instruments worldwide, typically inaccessible via bigger institutional players.
Our trading experts work closely with our in-house compliance team to ensure that we maintain a robust regulatory framework. We are fully MiFID II-compliant and able to navigate our clients successfully through an ever-changing regulatory landscape.
Our trading and operational specialists and account managers serve as a direct point of contact to provide a personalised service and help you craft the most effective execution solution to meet your needs.
Access to all main asset classes, product types and markets