Private clients
Investment accounts
We offer a secure safekeeping facility for keeping and managing your securities and cash, while ensuring you can take full advantage of multi-asset, multi-currency, and multi-strategy investments. As a MFSA-regulated company, we follow strict client asset protection and segregation rules.
Account types
General investment accounts
Corporates (onshore/offshore)
Trusts and foundations
International portfolio bonds

*Warning: The value of your investment may go down as well as up.

Our services
As a client of Doflin Europe, you get access to an online portal to view your portfolio in real time and receive regular detailed statements of your assets in a format and at a frequency of your choice
  • Safekeeping of securities and cash
  • Securities collection and securities maturity crediting
  • Cash Management and FX
  • Transaction processing and settlements
  • Coupon redemption and Income collection
  • Capital transactions, such as capital increases
  • Corporate actions
The foundation for your investments
The custody account is the foundation for your investments. You can use your custody account to invest in equities, bonds, mutual funds, and other instruments.
Our diverse network of sub-custodians allows you to safeguard your assets and invest in a wide range of asset classes and products: fixed income, ETFs, developed and emerging market equities, FX, mutual funds, hedge funds, options, equities, futures, and private placement holdings.
Making the most of every opportunity often means investing on a global stage. Our custody accounts enable you to hold assets and transact in all major developed and emerging market currencies.
We offer custody in more than 120 markets, including all major developed and emerging market jurisdictions. Our custody clients enjoy efficient multi-asset and multi-currency execution performed by our independent trading desk.
*Warning: Non-Euro denominated Investments held in multi-currency Custody accounts may be affected by changes in currency exchange rates.
The right partners make a strong network

We have carefully selected a group of sub-custodians and cash-handling agents who we work with closely. All of our sub-custodians are evaluated according to their capabilities, reporting systems, efficiency and the flexibility of their technical support and operations, and their credit rating.
Your securities and cash are fully-segregated from Dolfin Europe's corporate assets, so you are entirely protected from our credit risk. In the unlikely event of default by Dolfin, your assets would be allocated to you as the beneficial owner.
Direct access to our trading desk
Our custody clients enjoy access to our first-class execution capabilities performed by our independent trading desk.

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