Welcome to Dolfin Fund Management
An independent, Malta-based asset management company regulated by the Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA).
Who we are
Dolfin Fund Management Ltd ("DFM") is an independent asset management company. Our investment management services include:
Discretionary portfolio management
External asset management
Advisory and consultancy services
Third-party AIFM services
Our experience
We have 20+ years of portfolio management experience gained at global funds and investment banks, working in every market environment and across the following asset classes:
  • Equities

    Join forces with us to unlock the advantages of equities, gaining access to our wealth of market expertise and the potential for long-term capital growth by investing in the world's leading companies.
  • Fixed income

    Partner with us to harness the benefits of fixed income investments, ensuring financial stability, consistent income, and expert guidance to navigate the dynamic bond markets effectively.
  • Foreign exchange

    Collaborate with us to leverage the vast opportunities in foreign exchange, tapping into our comprehensive currency expertise and technology-driven solutions for potential gains and risk management.

Third-party AIFM services
DFM provides third-party Alternative Investment Fund Management services in Malta to a select group of partners, offering EU and non-EU alternative fund managers a straightforward access to the European market and its tightly controlled regulatory environment.

We are authorised to act as AIFM to private equity, real estate, infrastructure, fund of funds and private debt Alternative Investment Funds (AIFs).

We perform a comprehensive set of AIFM functions, including:
Portfolio management
Risk management
Asset valuation and NAV oversight
Global cross-border distribution
EEA passport application
Compliance (ongoing monitoring, conflict of interest, AML/KYC, etc.)
Annex IV reporting
Centralised delegates oversight

In operating its own business, DFM considers the ESG and sustainability characteristics of their investments on the mandates it operates. DFM follows the guidance and principles established by various frameworks and initiatives, which have contributed to reinforce the industry standard of integrating ESG factors into the investment process.

ESG and SFDR disclosures
ESG and Sustainable Finance Disclosures Policy

DFM Policies
DFM remuneration policy is designed to attract, retain and motivate staff without promoting inappropriate risk-taking.
Renumeration Policy Statement

Our Complaints Handling Policy outlines our commitment to addressing and resolving client concerns promptly and fairly. We aim to provide a clear process for submitting complaints and ensuring timely and effective resolution.
Complaints Handling Policy

Our Data Protection and Privacy Notices articulate our dedication to safeguarding personal information, detailing how we collect, use, and protect data in compliance with relevant privacy laws. These notices outline the rights of users regarding their personal information and our commitment to maintaining their privacy and confidentiality.
Data Protection and Privacy Notices