Institutional clients
We offer independent depositary services for collective investment schemes domiciled in Malta, one of the EU's most innovative financial hubs. We ensure the proper safekeeping of your fund's assets and help identify risks connected with the performance of its operations.
Our Depositary Services
We provide a full range of depositary functions to funds established in Malta and non-EU funds looking to market in the EU, including:
  • Safekeeping
    Custody of financial assets

    Ownership verification and record keeping for non-financial assets

    Due diligence and monitoring of all delegates
  • Cash flow monitoring
    Monitoring of discrepancies and subsequent reconciliations

    Immediate identification of significant cash flows
  • Oversight duties
    Overview of all dealings and valuation of units/shares of the fund
    Income distribution

    Ensuring all investments are in line with regulations and fund documentation

    Timely settlement of transactions

*Warning: Non-Euro denominated Investments held in multi-currency Custody accounts may be affected by changes in currency exchange rates.

*Warning: The value of your investment may go down as well as up.
The role of depositary
Full investor protection
Under the AIFMD directive, alternative investment funds managers marketing their fund in Europe are obliged to appoint a third party depositary with respect to its underlying assets. As such, one of the primary aims of a depositary is to provide investor protection. The depositary assures the assets of the fund are always held separately from those of the fund manager, keeping them safe, should the fund go insolvent.
As an independent depositary, we safeguard the assets and ensure your fund complies with the relevant regulations, as well as with the fund's governing documents.

One-stop shop for funds under the UCITS and AIFMD directives

Our clients
  • Alternative investment funds domiciled in Malta
  • Non-EU Alternative investment Funds
  • UCITS vehicles
We provide custody, record keeping, monitoring,
and reporting for a whole variety of UCITS and alternative investment funds,
including real estate, private equity, commodity, infrastructure,
venture capital, and hedge funds.
Why choose us?
We assist and support our clients to develop their business fast and successfully
  • Integrated solution
    We integrate the depositary function with the rest of your fund activities offering a fully-compliant in-house custody solution and direct access to our trading desk.
  • Network of service providers
    We will facilitate your fund set-up, administration, and legal services through our comprehensive infrastructure and our network of trusted partners.
  • Gateway to the EU marketplace
    Our Maltese set-up fulfils the depositary requirement for marketing of non-EU AIFs, allowing you to enter the European market.

Your European depositary partner, helping grow your funds business in an ever-changing regulatory environment.