About Us
We offer independent global asset services, including execution, custody and depositary services to a wide range of clients. Established in Malta since 2018, we have quickly become one of the leading financial services providers on the island. Our expertise, dedication, and an in-depth understanding of the industry and cross-jurisdictional regulatory requirements allow us to offer truly bespoke solutions.
Our experts
Top-tier financial services professionals at your service
Malta HQ
Our Maltese set-up opens an opportunity for international clients to access the European market with its full range of first-rate financial services.
Dolfin Europe is regulated by the Malta Financial Services Authority, and all our services are fully compliant.

Our approach
Drawing on the expertise of our global team, we offer custody, execution, depositary and depositary lite solutions fully compliant with the relevant European directives.
We live in challenging times, which is why today, more than ever, we put clients first in everything we do, offering tailored solutions, problem-solving approach, and deep expertise and insight.
Leveraging our technology and years of expertise in the sector, we provide bespoke solutions and meet your needs in a timely and efficient manner.
Access to all main asset classes, product types and markets