Business in Malta: five years onwards
A note from the founder, Denis Nagy
3 March 2021

Gateway to Europe – gateway to the world
Hi everyone,

My name is Denis Nagy, I am the founder of Dolfin Europe and Managing Director of Artek Group. This month we are celebrating our fifth anniversary in Malta.

This notable date provides us a great opportunity to reflect on the important milestone in company's history, as well as discuss a question I get asked regularly: why set up an office in Malta.

Dolfin Europe is an independent investment platform offering execution, custody, and depositary services to private and institutional clients from across the world. Why has Malta been a success for us? Let me highlight a few points:

Why Malta?

We have first established an office in Malta in 2016, immediately following the Brexit vote. Back then we were a small desk operating as a European outpost of our UK headquarters. What Malta could offer us was international exposure, with the island fast growing to become one of the key European centres for global corporate business and investment fund industry.

Thank you to our partners

Secondly, the level of service providers on the island is remarkable: we have been lucky to work with some of the most professional lawyers, administrators, and banks I've met in my career, and I want to thank all our partners on the island. Malta's healthy ecosystem of financial, legal and administrative expertise was an important factor for us to set up a business here, and it continues to play its beneficial role.

MFSA continues its outstanding work

Finally, our growth can, no doubt, be attributed to clear and sensible regulations, and the regulator's proactive and hands-on approach to developing the financial sector of the Maltese economy. The ongoing cooperation with the Malta Financial Services Authority allowed us to develop the business step by step, in line with the nature and scale of our operations. Five years forward, we are a full-scale independent business, fully authorised by the MFSA, with complex operations, a diverse range of clients, and a team of over 15 people.

Today, yet more peers and companies of high repute are setting up a shop and looking for a reliable custodian that is based in Malta. I believe that, in the aftermath of the global pandemic, this trend will only continue, as big companies will be looking for talent globally and for options to set up smaller office hubs in innovative destinations, such as Malta. We are fortunate to be in position to both instigate and be part of this growth.

Denis Nagy,
Founder, Dolfin Europe

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